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RiverXP: The continuous swimming machine
(from the manufacturers of the RIVER pool at: www.RiverPool.com )

We are proud to announce a new, compact, self-conained system which can be used for any pool.

This product is directed to customers who wanted "just the propulsion system" of the RIVER pool.
Until now we had to decline those requests.

Our new RiverXP can be secured with four anchors on the border of your pool. It does not touch the inside of your pool or your pool walls/liner.

The system is shipped completely mounted, apart from its "water feature" cover and shelf.

Its installation can be done in a few easy steps by yourself (or a general contractor) with regular tools. An electrician will have to provide the power and "plug in" the unit.

 The RiverXP

Can be installed on the border of any size pool
to provide a "continuous swimming" experience.

Swimming treadmill
and water feature

Less expensive and
more versatile

Easy to install














The water feature that hides the power of five horses:

 RiverXP diagram

The RiverXP was born for extra power!

water current

The powerful RiverXP water current 


Possible types of installations:

1. The RiverXP can be provided with a water feature cover and a separate small pump for the operation of the fountain. (as shown in the pictures above)

2. The RiverXP can be provided with a Fiber-reinforced plastic cabinet/cover, instead of a water feature. This is usable both indoor and outdoor.

FRP cabinet

3. As a special order, when installed indoor, the RiverXP can be provided with a wooden cabinet.

RiverXP indoor model


When installed indoors, the plastic or wooden cabinet also containins all the controls. The only thing you will need is to have an electrician install the provided safety receptacle on the roof above the unit and plug it in!

    RiverXP indoor model   


The RiverXP can also be applied on the border of a special order "RIVER pool tub", with considerable savings with respect to a standard RIVER pool. If interested, please ask us for details.

The RiverXP can be used also in water parks to create a "river" or a waterfall. If interested, please ask us for details.
















and have fun